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Airsoft gun: kac pdw bison full upgrade by awal

Airsoft gun: kac pdw bison full upgrade by awal

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β€˜Scanning The Mist' | SCANlab | is a project whereby, in this case a room has been 3D scanned for it’s dust/ mist/smoke particles. This to most is classes as an invisible material or as invisible matter.

From the site β€œWe thought it might be interesting to see if the scanner could detect smoke and mist. It did and here are the remarkable results! β€œ

By 3D scanning it, it takes on a solid, less ephemiral and more substantial place within the room, creating something palimpsestuous to a degree. A room inside a room as aposed to the derivation of palimpsest of a book inside a book.

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when your favorite band starts to play on the radio:


This website has permanently skewed my perception of reality because this gif makes perfect sense.

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